Matthew Wells

Lab Student

Research Summary

Born and raised in Normal, Illinois, I am a third-year Human Physiology (B.S.) major with a minor in Chemistry. I plan to attend medical school after my undergraduate coursework is complete. Working in the research laboratory has opened my eyes to a whole new world. The intricacies of biochemistry and how these principles carry over into day-to-day research have challenged my thinking and have made me into the student I am today. Learning the properties and precision of each experiment we run in the Yang Lab has brought my passion for biomedical sciences to life. As I continue with Dr. Yang, I will gain more knowledge on the complexities of oncogenic activity, as well as the effects of cancer clinically. My ultimate goal is to chip away at finding the answer to the mystery that is cancer, and it is a privilege to be able to have the opportunity to achieve this goal with Dr. Yang.

Matthew Wells
Undergraduate Student